Guidance Last Updated 21st September 2020

  • Due to the current guidelines I am only able to offer grooming slots by Appointment Only. 

  • Please arrive at your allocated drop off and collection time promptly, this is essential to prevent an overlap and allow sufficient time to clean the salon and equipment between appointments.

  • As of 14th September all customers entering the shop/salon will be required to wear a face mask (Dogs are exempt). An automatic hand sanitiser is located on the counter please feel free to use on entry and exiting the salon. From 24th September a poster displaying the shops QR CODE for the NHS COVID-19 Track & Trace App will be displayed in the salon.

  • Social Distance Handover is in place - On arrival you will be asked remove your dogs lead, collar, harness while in the reception area and take them with you, before your dog enters the grooming area. 

  • Any dog presenting at the salon with matting of the coat may require to be clipped short and matting charges may apply. Matting of the coat can be uncomfortable and cause skin irritation, sores etc. we actively practice humanity over vanity and your dogs welfare is paramount, remember their coat will soon re-grow.

  • Payment Options – Contact less Card Payments available. A payment link can also be sent via text if preferred (payment to be made prior to collection), please let me know if you require this option.

  • If you or anyone in your household is infected, becomes symptomatic and/or self isolating please let us know and we will rearrange your appointment.



Terms & Conditions

Grooming Charges

Payment will be taken on collection of your dog, any service charge quote given is an estimate and your dogs groom price may vary, dependent on coat condition, temperament and difficulty to groom.

Matted Coats requiring a Clip Off

Matting of the coat can be uncomfortable for your dog, removal of severe matting may expose underlying skin issues and trauma. Completion of a matted clip off consent form is required prior to treatment and additional service fees will apply.

Drop Off and Collection

We ask that you arrive promptly for your appointments as late arrival may result in the appointment being cancelled or rescheduled as we work to set allocated time slots for each individual dog. Owners must collect their dog at the time given during consultation or when contacted.

Failure to collect on time may incur additional fees of £5 per 30 minutes.

Photographs and Videos

Dirty Dogs occasionally takes photos or videos of your dog at the salon, these may be used to help market our services on social media and the internet. Only the dogs first name and breed will be stated. If you would prefer for us not to take photos/videos of your dog for the use of marketing this can be indicated on the client registration form to be completed at your first appointment with us.

Parasites including Fleas

A dog(s) found to be bringing fleas/lice into the salon risks contamination of the building which will require fumigating. If parasites are found at any stage of the groom we will contact you immediately. A £10 fumigation fee will be payable. All clients are advised to follow veterinary advice to check/treat their dogs for fleas and other parasites regularly.


There may be times when you need to cancel or rearrange your appointment, all we ask is that you provide us with a minimum of 24 hrs notice where possible, this allows us to offer the slot to other customers. Repeated late cancellations or no shows will require a non-refundable deposit to secure an appointment, (deposits are transferable with a minimum 24hrs notice of cancellation)

Price Increases

In order to keep providing you with a high standard of service using quality product, we occasionally have to raise our service prices. I aim to give our regular customers a minimum of 6 week notice, announcement will be on display within the salon and on the salons social media accounts.

Accidents and Pre-existing Conditions

Whilst grooming we occasionally notice sores, swelling, lumps etc on your dog. On very rare occasions accidents/injuries may occur whilst grooming. We will inform owners of any findings and/or incidents that we become aware of whilst your dog is in our care.

GDPR Policy

What Data do we collect:

  • Owners name, address, telephone numbers and email

  • Dogs name, breed, age, medical history, registered

veterinary practice

Why we collect this data.

To enable Dirty Dog to provide your requested service, contact you for bookings, collection, rescheduling, to send appointment conformation and reminders via automated email and/or text message. Dirty Dog utilises a mailing list to send promotions and offers, if you do not want to receive future emails, the option to unsubscribe is available via a link on the email.

How we secure your data:

Paper copies of registration forms, contracts, grooming records etc. are only stored at the salon address, which is locked and secured at the end of each working day.

Online programs, software and apps may be used to book services, send automated emails and/or text messages, store grooming notes and pictures. All digital equipment is password protected and finger print recognition or password is required to access software containing client data.



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